Data management has always been our passion at DevAxia. In the modern world where digital data is present in all departments of your business, we offer solutions that allow you to optimize some more tedious operations.

Effective business solutions

Structured management of your data is at the heart of your efficiency. Adopt business solutions that allow you to exploit the full potential of optimized management of your data

Microsoft Excel expertise

We specialize in developing custom Excel solutions. We assist you in improving the structure of your data and by developing Excel-VBA tools allowing you to save precious time.

We offer you clever solutions that will allow you to recover precious time during the accomplishment of your daily tasks.

Get access to tools to increase your potential for efficiency.
We design personalized tools targeted to your needs.
Self-employed, entrepreneur or employee in a company, contact us to find out how we could help you.

Data entry

In business, several hours are devoted to data entry. It is possible to make this process much more efficient through optimized methods and automated functions.

Efficient structure

A structured organization of your data will allow you to link the entry and the detailed analysis of the latter. Once we have established an adequate structure, the rest will rhyme with simplicity.

Detailed data analysis

Once your data is captured and structured effectively, analyzing and presenting it often presents some of the challenges we are used to. Entrust us with the design of your analysis functions.

The passion for data management on Microsoft Excel has driven DevAxia to develop a growing interest in full-stack development, orienting data management towards web platforms.

Thus, in recent years, DevAxia has developed the Statelo platform, a web application dedicated to entering, managing and analyzing statistics for billiard leagues and tournaments. A few months later, the StateloVies platform also saw the light of day. The latter makes it possible to organize and manage “tournaments of lives”, the principle of tournaments in which the matches are drawn live in the application, and where all the results and all the statistics are recorded automatically.

The development of these platforms has enabled DevAxia to explore new technologies and continue to evolve in terms of efficiency in the field of data management.

Do not hesitate to contact DevAxia for more information on this subject.

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